Migration Support Resources

The resources below are available to support learning about and executing the Migration Workflow.

User Guide for the Migration Workflow

The Migration Workflow User Guide contains step-by-step instructions and all options for the use of the Migration Workflow that is accessed through the SDSFIE Online portal. Migrators should consult their Component’s specific instructions (below) for the particular choices that they should make throughout the migration process.

The Migration Workflow guide is available from this link: Migration Workflow User Guide

Note: The appearance of the Migration Workflows has changed, however it remains functionally the same. Thus, the graphics within the user guide do not exactly match what you will see in the browser. We anticipate further user interface improvements in the next several months, after which time the user guide will be updated.

SDSFIE Webinars

A series of six webinars is scheduled for FY2019, with four already completed. Each webinar addresses a different topic about implementing SDSFIE standards and workflows. Four of these are either focused on or directly related to the Migration Workflow. In addition, there is a USACE-specific webinar on the Migration process. Click the “View Video” link to watch a video through your browser window. The slides used in the webinar are also available below.

Webinars USACE Webinars Currently Available SDSFIE Training Videos

Each of the service components is working to provide their own specific training and that work is in progress. Currently the US Army Corps of Engineers has 26 general training videos and accompanying presentations available. Although not comprehensive to all components you may find it helpful. The training is provided on the USACE service page and at the links below.

Migration Component-Specific Instructions & Resources

For those Components that are taking a decentralized approach to migration of SDSFIE data, each Component is providing their own specific guidance and instructions, training and other resources. Below is the set of resources for each of those Components:

Migration USACE
  • TBD