SDSFIE-Q — Data Quality
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The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment (ASD(EI&E), has issued this Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) Quality (SDSFIE-Q) standard as part of the governance of installation geospatial information and services (IGI&S) under the authority granted in DoDI 8130.01. The IGI&S Governance Group (IGG) developed this standard in order to foster coordinated and integrated approaches for IGI&S across the Department.

SDSFIE-Q specifies over-arching guidance for how DoD will implement a tiered approach to quality, including data quality processes, measures, and metrics for vector, raster, and geospatial services developed and used by the installation geospatial information and services (IGI&S) community. This standard does not include a required schema or data model, and therefore is not registered in the DoD IT Standards Registry (DISR) as a traditional IT standard would be. Instead, SDSFIE-Q is modeled after the ISO 19157 conceptual model of quality for geographic data (ISO 19157 is a normative reference for several DISR –mandated geospatial standards which are related to the SDSFIE family of standards). SDSFIE-Q defines an IGI&S data quality framework, with enterprise-level and Component-level elements. When implemented together, this model for data quality will ensure IGI&S data and services align with IGI&S mission requirements, conform to DISR mandates, and are understandable, trusted and interoperable in accordance with DoDI 8130.01.

SDSFIE-Q includes a formal process for defining measures to assess the quality and completeness of data, as well as the reporting of metrics associated with these data quality measures using the SDSFIE Metadata (SDSFIE-M) standard and other applicable means. Adherence to the data quality guidance and processes in this document are required any time IGI&S data or services are created, updated, maintained, or shared. SDSFIE-Q also includes certain specific data quality processes, measures, and metrics which apply individually to IGI&S vector data (SDSFIE-V), raster data (SDSFIE-R), or services (SDSFIE-S), as the case may be.

The current revision of SDSFIE-Q is available here: