Configuration Management
Configuration Management – Governance

Who “owns” the Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE)?

SDSFIE is a family of standards, governed by the IGI&S Governance Group and recognized as the enterprise standard for IGI&S across the entire Department of Defense business mission area as defined in DODI 8130.01. Several parts of SDSFIE (the Vector and Metadata standards) are registered in the DoD IT Standards Registry. Although tailored to Department of Defense needs, our federal, state, and local stakeholders are welcome to use the standard and help us mature it in the future releases.


The IGI&S Governance Group (IGG) is a cross-Service DoD governance body for installation geospatial information and services (IGI&S) which was established through DODI 8130.01, published 9 April 2015. For more information about the IGG, go here.

One of the responsibilities of the IGI&S Governance Group (IGG) is to oversee SDSFIE development, implementation, and maintenance. In this sense the IGG serves as the Configuration Management Board for SDSFIE. The IGG then has the ultimate authority regarding the SDSFIE standards and models, the website that describes and provides access to them, and the web tools for their development and implementation.

Go here for more information about the working groups (WG) to which the IGG granted authority to help manage the family of SDSFIE standards and the SDSFIE Online portal.

Configuration Management – Change Management Process (CMP)

The SDSFIE standards, website, and workflows have been developed through an extensive collaborative process; however, periodic changes to the standards, website, and workflows are necessary. A defined and accountable Change Management Process (CMP) has been established to ensure that the SDSFIE family of standards and SDSFIE Online meet requirements specified by its primary users, the Components represented in the IGG. The CMP is used to submit, evaluate, adjudicate, implement, and document suggested changes to SDSFIE.

Further description of the CMP is found HERE.

Change requests submitted by users will first be evaluated by the appropriate Component Representative and then submitted to the IGG via the SDSFIE Automated Process Portal (/A/P/P).

Because the different IGG Components use differing processes for vetting user change requests, please check with your Component IGG representative BEFORE submitting change requests for consideration.

Click here to visit the SDSFIE /A/P/P - Change Requests Page