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The SDSFIE is the Department of Defense (DoD) standard for installation geospatial data. It is a broad standard that covers business mission areas across the I&E domain. Version 3.0, also known as SDSFIE 3.0 Gold, was released November 15, 2010. The Defense Installation Spatial Data Infrastructure Group (DISDIG) issued a memorandum, “Guidance for the Adaptation of SDSFIE 3.0, Version 1”, dated May 11, 2011. It provides guidance for rules for governing adaptation of SDSFIE Gold, guidelines for preparing and implementing Adaptations, and rules for developing Adaptations. All services are required to develop SDSFIE Gold implementation plans which detail how they will implement SDSFIE Gold Adaptations.


The SDSFIE 3.0 Gold has been approved as final by the DoD Real Property and Installation Lifecycle Management Investment Review Board (IRB). The official SDSFIE 3.0 version was released on the SDSFIE web site Browser on November 5, 2010. The Information Technology Support Center (ITSC) accepted SDSFIE 3.0 as a DoD Information Technology Standards Registry (DISR) mandated standard effective 22 July 2011 in DISR Baseline 11-2.

The next release of SDSFIE, 3.1 is scheduled for late November 2012. This release will focus on elimination of erroneous data elements and the streamlining of duplicative data elements.


SDSFIE developed a very streamlined logical data model (LDM) that met the needs of stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) and was clearly regulation and guidance driven. SDSFIE 3.0 was designed as a focused data model that is flexible to meet the actual requirements of individual users and user groups through a means called ‘Adaptation’. The model no longer stores non-geospatial data or data that belongs to other proponents. Its configuration management is maintained through the DISDIG and a detailed Change Management Process. SDSFIE implementation tools are now web-based and are called ‘Workflows’.