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Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) is responsible for the development, coordination, assessment, and synchronization of Navy Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGI&S) policies and standardization requirements for the geospatial information enterprise. Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) maintains and executes the IGI&S requirements identified by CNIC.

CNIC serves as the lead Navy IGI&S liaison to Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to create and maintain working relationships with OSD and the other Department of Defense (DoD) Components participating in OSD IGI&S Governance Group (IGG) Working Groups, Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE), Navy Data Model (NDM), and Data Collection Guidance (DCG) working groups to oversee the Navy’s position and ensure NDM compliance with DoDI 8130.01, DoDI 8320.07, and all other authoritative references.

The Modeling, Standards, and Metrics (MSM) Team is part of the Navy IGI&S Management and Operations Functional Structure and works directly with CNIC. The purpose of MSM is to promote and ensure an integrated, transparent, and collaborative environment for all Navy’s IGI&S data standards, data modeling and metrics for the Navy. Working with CNIC, the mission of MSM is to create the foundation of an enterprise system by developing standards that are measurable, interoperable, and repeatable.

Navy Data Model

The NDM is the Navy IGI&S enterprise geodatabase that stores geographic objects as data and is designed to meet the business needs and requirements of its stakeholders. The NDM schema defines the set of features, attribution, and metadata for enterprise geospatial data collected by or on behalf of the Navy. CNIC represents Navy IGI&S and has voting rights for the Navy Installation and Environment (I&E) domain in the IGG and the development of guidance including SDSFIE. A principal requirement for Navy IGI&S is the continued implementation of a SDSFIE compliant NDM.

NDM goes through an annual Adaptation Upgrade to remain in compliance with the most current SDSFIE data model.

Data Collection Guide

The DCG defines the standard for geospatial data collection and extraction methodology under the Navy IGI&S Program. The DCG standards may exceed the requirements in the OSD SDSFIE-Quality Data Content Specification (DCS) documents. The DCG is a complement to the NDM. The NDM defines what data to collect, and the DCG defines how to collect it.


The MSM NDM Tier II team oversees the developments, adjudications, and migrations of the NDM and the adaptation of SDSFIE. This team engages with stakeholders and SMEs to ensure the NDM is inclusive of all business practices and requirements associated with geospatial data. NDM Tier II teams oversees the NDM CR process to ensure they are backed by sound business requirements, do not impede on requirements of other Navy stakeholders, and are approved by appropriate stakeholders.

Changes occur on an annual basis and are part of the NDM maintenance and change management plan and Adaptation Upgrade. Most changes fall into one of the following categories:

    1. New Business Requirements of Existing Stakeholders
    2. Emerging Requirements of New Stakeholders
    3. SDSFIE Gold Required Changes
    4. Errors in the Existing Model

As part of a model maintenance and change management a standard web-enabled process Navy Data Model (NDM) & Data Collection Guidance (DCG) Website (NDM/DCG Website) ( to submit an NDM Change Request (CR) is in place. Admin responses are provided to all change requests through the website. This will allow for complete administrative documentation and transparency to the CR submitter of where their comment is in the process of change and how changes to the model come to be over time. Users must complete the online CR form and are encouraged to upload supporting documentation for use in this multi‐step validation and review process. The CR moves from Submission to Validation Review, then to Stakeholder/SME Review, then to OSD/IGG Review, and finally gets implemented in the NDM Annual Adaptation Upgrade if the CR is approved at each stage of review.

The MSM DCG Tier II team coordinates meetings and discussions regarding the policies, requirements, regulations, direction, and decisions pertaining to Navy IGI&S. The DCG team will be engaged with all working groups and key stakeholders while ensuring that integration, communication, and visibility occurs seamlessly across the various OSD IGG Working Groups, SDSFIE, NDM, and DCG teams.

DCG chapters are drafted and updated based upon the most currently available version of the NDM. The DCG document consists of “chapters”. Each chapter corresponds to one data layer in the NDM. The DCG team has developed stakeholder/subject matter expert working groups to draft and publish the chapters. All chapters undergo an Annual Review Cycle that coincides with the NDM Annual Adaptation Upgrade to incorporate user comments from the previous year along with any data model changes that have occurred. The NDM/DCG Website provides a standard web-enabled review and feedback process that uses standard forms and submittal methods, to ensure an open feedback and approval process.


The Navy does not have nor permits subordinate Adaptations for any other Navy stakeholder/functional. The Navy received approval on January 19, 2022, from Dave LaBranche, Chair, IGI&S Governance Group on the Navy 4.0.4 Adaptation (upgrade).


Kristy M. Capobianco, GISP
Navy IGG Representative