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GEOFidelis is the USMC Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGI&S) program for Installation and Environmental geospatial products and services. GEOFidelis was established to support the people, policies, and information resources necessary to acquire, manage, and sustain installation & environmental geospatial assets (imagery and data) in support of the Marine Corps' mission. The vision of the GEOFidelis program is to ensure Marine Corps installations have a geospatial information system that provides precise and reliable information at the installation and enterprise level that is based on a common infrastructure foundation that supports inter-operability across the Marine Corps.

The GEOFidelis program employs a multi-faceted approach to comprehensive data management. GEOFidelis combines data layer specifications, a data model, and metadata standards to ensure geospatial products effectively support the Marine Corps’ mission. Our data management standards are designed to ensure data authority, while eliminating redundancy and unnecessary documentation. This approach enables our data creators and editors to provide expert level products and services, with the flexibility to meet any mission’s needs.

The GEOFidelis Geospatial Data Layers Specifications (GGDLS) initiative develops specifications which determine the content and acceptable level of quality for feature types that will be used at all levels of the USMC Installation Management Community. GEOFidelis staff and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) define the technical requirements for creating and maintaining geospatial data that meet enterprise-wide business requirements. Implementation of the GGDLS initiative supports our mission by defining compliance requirements for high quality geospatial data in accordance with USMC policies. GGDLSs define what a feature is and the supporting information (attributes) it should contain.

The GEOFidelis Data Model (GDM) is the standard storage specification for all USMC IGI&S geospatial data. The data model provides data standard consistency that incorporates enough breadth for mission execution and the ability to record data in a consistent manner across the Marine Corps. Based on the Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE), the GDM maintains a common USMC IGI&S data standard that provides all USMC installations with a common structure for data layers and attributes. All USMC commands, installations and reserve sites, with installation management responsibilities, will implement the GDM to enhance interoperability and enterprise integration.

GEOFidelis supports a common metadata framework to ensure GGDLS and GDM standards have been properly implemented and followed. Our metadata provides space for the descriptive documentation of sources, methods, content, and appropriate uses of data which helps support accountability through the chain of command. The GEOFidelis metadata standard allows decision-makers and stakeholders to search and discover geospatial data through our enterprise geospatial system, GEOFidelis Online.


The GEOFidelis Program coordinates with Functional Data Set Leads and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at Marine Corps Installation Command (MCICOM) to ensure USMC enterprise-wide business requirements and the geospatial features to support those requirements are included in our comprehensive suite of data management standards. This ensures the resulting standards will:

  • Integrate with business systems and provide visualization and analysis of USMC installation business data.

  • Focus USMC geospatial data management to collect geospatial features best suited for Functional Data Set leads and SME use.

  • Eliminate redundant business data collection by linking to authoritative business systems.

  • Meet an acceptable level of data quality to effectively support the mission.

The GEOFidelis approach to data modelling benefits from our transparent command structure as established by MCO 5400.54. The Marine Corps has four regional command centers in place: MCIEAST at Camp Lejeune, MCIWEST at Camp Pendleton, MCIPAC at Camp Butler, and MCINCR at Base Quantico. Regional commands align to all MCICOM data management products.

MCICOM data management products are the primary USMC SDSFIE adaptations and defines the minimum required geospatial data content, quality, storage and metadata elements that must be standardized across the Marine Corps enterprise in support of common installation management business practices and requirements. Our data management products are flexible and allow Regional and Installations commands to create their own adaptation to meet local requirements that are not met in the standard GEOFidelis suite of data management products.


The current version of the GEOFidelis Data Model is , which was released in September, 2012. All Regional and Installation commands have approved physical data models that are in compliance with the GDM, as of September, 2014. Regional and Installation adaptations are currently in the process of being made available through the SDSFIE registry.

The current version of the GEOFidelis SDSFIE Implementation Roles and Responsibilities Guide is 1.4 , which was released on November 19th, 2012.

The Marine Corps is developing an implementation approach to adhere to SDSFIE-Metadata.