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Introduction & Background

The Air Force (AF) GeoBase mission to create and exploit geospatial information and services to optimize agile combat support (ACS) and minimize operational risk is implemented by putting quality data into the hands of decision-makers and stakeholder organizations that they support. The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) Geospatial Integration Office (GIO) was established to develop and enforce objectives for implementation and execution that not only support this mission, but also define program maturity, implement geographic data standards, and ensure compliance with requirements mandated by the AF and Department of Defense (DoD). The GeoBase program delivers Installation Geospatial Information and Service (IGI&S) to support AF Civil Engineering (CE) functions and activities, as outlined in Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) 2017-32-02 (Civil Engineer Enterprise Governance) and AFI 32-10112 (AF Installation Geospatial Information & Services).
Since its initial inception in 2001, the GeoBase program has evolved through phases, each refining a maturing focus on installation support, logistics, and asset management with the objective of delivering a true AF IGI&S enterprise. The AFCEC GIO provides a single point of discovery for all IGI&S data across the AF. Today, the AFCEC GIO continues to provide the tools for AF leadership to make better decisions with regards to the management of AF assets while supporting core AF functions, including ACS.



The current Air Force Data Model (GeoBase, released in August 2015, maintains an IGI&S data standard that supports the Air Force mission by providing flexibility within the program while remaining based upon the SDSFIE-V 3.1 Gold model.

Plans for Updates

The AFCEC GIO is currently developing the AF adaptation of SDSFIE-V 4.0. This adaptation will support common implementation, consolidation, and maximization of interoperability for geospatial information and installation life cycles across the AF.
The AF will create and implement an adaptation of SDSFIE-V 4.0 Gold by tailoring the SDSFIE-V 4.0 Gold logical data model (LDM) to the AF’s mission requirements. The AF Adaptation will be built on the SDSFIE-V 4.0 Gold and integrated with other mission critical GeoBase layers identified by functional communities, subject matter experts (SMEs), and installations within the AF.
The goal is to migrate all geospatial datasets to the AF Adaptation of SDSFIE-V 4.0 by the end of fiscal year (FY) 2021 in conjunction with the Air Force enterprise Geospatial Integration Management System (AFGIMS) achieving full operational capability (FOC).

Approach to Other SDSFIE Parts


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Supporting Documentation/Information

AF GeoBase SharePoint Portal is currently under development. All AF GeoBase policies, guidance, plans, standards, and other supporting documents will be accessible on this portal once the site is finalized. Portal address is pending.

Frequently Asked Questions

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